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Criminal Law

Criminal Lawyers in Johannesburg


Being accused of, arrested or detained for a crime can disrupt your life and drastically change the course of your future.  A competent criminal lawyer can mean the difference between justice and disaster.  At Lilram Attorneys, we understand that being arrested and prosecuted is a traumatic process with potentially devastating consequences that could impact your family life, your employment, and your reputation.

Criminal laws, criminal procedure and the laws of evidence can be technical and complex. Appointing an experienced criminal lawyer is imperative to ensure that your rights are protected and that you are properly represented.  You can rely on Lilram Attorneys to provide competent and effective legal representation against a wide range of criminal charges.

Our criminal law services include:

  • assistance with bail applications,
  • facilitating pleas,
  • representation at mediation,
  • negotiating sentences,
  • trials and appeals (criminal litigation)

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