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Municipal Law

municipal law


At Lilram Attorneys, we understand that municipal by-laws and regulations are promulgated within an evolving socio-political and economic climate.   We strive to support mayoral committees and municipal legal officers by rendering up-to-date legal advice and legal assistance.

Our legal expertise in municipal law matters includes:



The provision of regulatory compliance services in respect of:

  • Municipal Systems Act
  • Municipal Structures Act
  • Municipal Finance Management Act
  • Public Finance Management Act
  • Preferential Procurement Policy Frameworks
  • Municipal Supply Chain Management Policies
  • Relevant public and administrative law



The provision of legal advice in respect of:

  • The formulation of by-laws, policies and procedures
  • Labour matters / disputes with municipal employees (e.g. formulating charge sheets, convening disciplinary hearings)
  • Land use and Land Reform matters
  • Contract Management (managing internal and external contracts with public and private stakeholders)
  • Review Public Tender policies
  • Review Municipal Lease Agreements
  • The submission of Legal Opinions to Council, the Speaker and Members of Mayoral Committee



Our municipal litigation services include:

  • Initiate or defend claims against the Municipality arising from contractual breaches
  • Initiate or defend Applications to Review Administrative Decisions
  • Initiate litigation against property owners for infringement of by-laws (e.g. building contraventions)
  • Eviction applications to prevent land invasion of municipal property
  • Initiate or defend litigation relating to the award of tenders
  • Defend or settle claims instituted against the Municipality (e.g. damage to vehicles,  unlawful arrests/detentions by Metro Police)
  • Appearing on Council’s behalf at CCMA / SALG Bargaining Council / Labour Court
  • High-value debt collection (arrear rates and utilities)